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Health Care

Imagine an inventor making a machine for trifle works but few years down the lane the invention turns into a revolutionary technology helping all the industries in overcoming the hurdles that has been holding them back. Some would call it a Christmas miracle but we firmly believe this to be the inventor’s fault for underestimating the power of what he has invented!

3DP technology has brought about significant changes in architecture, industrial design, automotive and aerospace engineering, military, civil engineering, fashion and last but not the least the food industry. The best output of this collaboration can be seen in the field of medicine. Right from prosthetics to human tissues 3DP has converted the stagnant sector of healthcare to a very dynamic one with special emphasis on customization according to the needs and requirements of the patient.

In this article we shall talk about three ways by which 3DP technology is aiding the healthcare sector or ways by which 3DP technology plans to evolve this sector in the near future.


Earlier patients who needed prosthetics had to chip off the extra inches of bones in order to fit in the prosthetic but now with the help of 3DP technology each patient can get their own customized prosthetic. So with the dawn of this era of customized prosthetics, patients can get a speedy recover as well as a better functioning body replacement.

Medical Devices:

The making of hearing aids, crowns and dental implants or simply 3D printing the part of the body for giving doctors a dry run before an intricate surgery, this technology has been the patient’s as well as the doctor’s BFF! Tasks that took a lot of time can now be done in a matter of hours. The implementation of this technology to print the parts on which doctors have to operate has also reduced the failure rate of operations.

Human Tissues:

Scientists have also successfully created human tissues such as a functional liver tissue on a Petri dish. Printing human tissues could be a game changer in the healthcare industry but this is something that is yet to evolve.

In the near future, we hope to see more 3D printers in action in offices as well as homes. The Indian healthcare industry can actively participate in this technology revolution. There is a huge portion of people in India with disabilities. Hopefully we will see a few 3D printed prosthetics in India as well.

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