3D Printing Courses Introduced At Tokyo Elementary Schools

It is very appreciating that Japanese schools have started exposing their kids to 3D printing techniques. 3D printing education has been promoted by the Japanese government for a long time now. To get kids exposed to what 3D printing is and it’s various techniques, a Minecraft-based program, and 3D Printing Program has been launched by Microsoft Japan and Kabuku. At Suginami Elementary School in Tokyo, 3D printing courses for kids in the 6th year have been introduced.

Other than Japan, many other countries have also recognized 3D printing as a mandatory component of academic studies for students. The legislators and educators around the world give too much significance to add 3D education for kids not just to let them explore the things around but also to expose them to different career opportunities. This brought a spectacular transformation in the industry as 1000+ elementary schools in the United States have now installed 3D printers in the science classes.

It has been assimilated that Japan commenced the technique pretty late in the schools as there is a meager number of schools that have introduced 3D printers for educational purposes. Another contributing reason in the niche is that there is a shortage of faculty who knows the techniques adeptly.

An institute called Litalico therefore, took charge in hand and they explored about 3D Printing themselves. It’s since 2005 that this company has been dealing with unemployment and educational tackles. Back in 2014, they launched the Qremo Project that encouraged student on “Thinking, Making and communicating” skills. This program is considered as quite resourceful for the students and it is introduced to them from infancy and stretches till the finish of high school session. This way, students are exposed to the idea and techniques of robotics, 3D Printing, and digital designing.

By far, more than 1000 students have already enrolled for the course with Suginami Elementary School and it has now been added to their regular curriculum.

Since Suginami Elementary School has always been at the forefront of educational technology adoption, soon it will introduce Qremo Digital Fabrication Course for its students as well. The students are soon to swap their method of learning from a textbook to electronic gadgets.

Source: 3dprint.com

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