Pam- An Exclusive Professional 3D Printer From Pollen

Its been quite a while since 3D industry has proved its presence in the world. Pollen might be a little late to be launched in this already in-demand industry but there are certain features of this printer that make it worth the wait. It is an ideal printer for the professionals with an incredible printing resolution of 40 μ. Another noteworthy feature of this printer is that it can mix four different materials in order to make different objects with versatility in properties.

Speaking of an appropriate example, you can create a pair of sunglasses with this printer, along with lenses. This opulent machine is also ideal for complex prototyping, translucent lamps, and fashion shows. Things that are flexible, soft or solid can be easily created with this machine.

As far as the personal experience of professionals is concerned, every one that has seen 3D printed objects by Pollen is quite satisfied. The bottles of the printer are to be filled with pallets of composites, thermoplastics, silicones, etc. To your surprise, this printer is also compatible with natural minerals, metals and fibers and the maximum temperature tendency is 350 degrees.
This printer can work on a web browser with the help of Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Since the printing software stack is built into the printer, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the printer with the computer.

It is expected to be shipped in the market in April 2017. Even long before its launch, it has managed to crack various major projects in the industry and signed some of the most important deals.
The pre-orders have started with an introductory price of $9000.

This price is excluding the delivery charges and the VAT. The company is likely to sell its product at $18,000 after the successful selling of the initial batch. Undeniably, it is not a cheap printer but as you know, quality comes with hefty MRP tags.


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