3D Printing can turn you Into A Superhero

Customized super hero figurines by 3D Printing

The most secretive part of a superhero is the identity. All of them have hidden identities so that they fit into the real world. The man behind Batman’s cowl is Bruce Wayne and the one behind the mask of Spiderman is Peter Parker. Now it’s your chance to play the alter ego of any comic character of your choice.

The credit of transforming fantasies not reality goes to a UK based retailer named, Firebox. The retailer specializes in novelty toys and gadgets. The company promises to create action figurines of Batman, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Batgirl and Superman. The twist in this is that they can replace the action hero’s face with yours! To get this shift of alter ego you need to send two photographs, one in profile and done direct. The company then uses 3D imaging software to create a 3D model of the customer. The models that are generated are quite detailed as facial shape, eye color, skin color and tone and even hairstyle all are similar to the photograph given by the customer. The price of the customized action figurine is £80.

The key feature of the company being able to generate these action figurines is 3D printing. This technology has surely reformed the toy industry and at last companies can bid adieu to the traditional moulds system for generating toys. While Firebox might be the first company to have used this technology to customize superhero action figurines there might be many other companies which will walk done this lane very soon!

Image Credit: JD Hancock (flickr handle: jdhancock)

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