The X-Force 3D Printer from Australia: Print Bigger

A startup company based in Australia has come up with a high quality and considerably large printer which they have named as the X Force. The best feature of this product is its unique combination of volume and accuracy. The printer makes high quality prints which enable the users to experience and benefit the perks of 3D printing. Upgrades are inevitable in 3D printers and same is the case with the X Force printers. The company is at present working on dual extruders so that printing can take place simultaneously in dual colors as well as materials. Nevertheless the main aim of the company is to make a printer that allows the customers to print bigger and better. The 3D printer is 4meters tall and is also tagged as “large format”. So these two things do create some degree of curiosity in everyone’s mind. Here are some of the specifications of the printer.

Technical Information & Specifications

  • Structure: Sheet Metal Structure
  • Nozzle: single
  • Printing range: 400*400*400mm
  • Printing layer thickness: 0.04-0.2mm
  • SD card offline printing: support
  • LCD display
  • X Y axis moving speed: 3000mm/min.
  • Z axis moving speed: 200mm/min.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Nozzle temperature: 0-250
  • Platform temperature: 0-110 adjustable
  • Platform material: glass/PCB
  • X y axis position accuracy: 0.00635mm
  • Z axis position accuracy: 0.00125mm
  • Printing material required:   ABS/PLA/Nelon168
  • Material diameter: 1.75/3mm
  • Material tendency: PLA
  • Software format: STL/GCode
  • Machine size: 450*360*560mm
  • Machine weight: 25kg
  • Package size: 600*500*700mm
  • Package weight: 27kg
  • Power supply: 24v
  • Operation system: XP/Win7/Mac
  • Pc software: Replicatorg Or Cura
  • Working environment: 10-30
  • Software language: Multi languages

Kickstarter is hosting this large format 3D printer for the crowdfunding phase. The printer has been priced at $1,800 AUD which is approximately $1700 and so it is cheaper than the Replicator series of MakerBot. With crowdfunding catching up pace with each passing day many small firms are able to launch 3D printers into this dynamic world of 3D printing. With many successful crowdfunding, there have been instances like MOTA 3D printer as well which have over promised and under achieved the expectations of millions. With that said, X Force seems to have done the opposite, pricing the machine at $1800 for their backers and refining the accuracy and the resolution has made it at par with the big shots of the 3D printing industry.

There are several physical problems that a 3D printer has to face while printing such as humidity and also many human errors. A lot of R&D has got into improving the machine and make it more accurate, stable and consistent so that there is no compromise in case of quality. A common problem faced by most printers is that of production schedules. The company seems to be very positive and determines to meet the demand and expectations of the supporters who have backed them in the Kickstarter crowdfunding process.

Image Credit: Kick Starter

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