3D printing fashion and art trinkets

3D printing has something to offer to all of us. From tech-savvy professionals, creators, art lovers to fashion stylists, there is something in store for all. Here is a list of some 3D printing pieces put together-

3D printed headpieces- The 3D printed Burning Man head created pieces by Sasha Hosey are a part of Nova collection and consist of 13 different styles. These headpieces were inspired by her friend’s creative styling and would be worn at the Burning man festival. The head gears come in various designs like the bunny and cat ears, crowns, geometric shapes, and other animals shaped crowns.

3D printed lipstick-These custom 3D printed lipsticks from Smashbox are a part of the #BeLegendary cosmetic collection. This brand will launch 120 shades of lipstick on 31st October. Customers can redeem their free lipsticks using a special promo code that comes with every purchase.

3D printed doorstep- A number of 3D printed props were proposed after the 5th episode of season 6 Game of thrones aired on HBO. But most of the projects never took off due to licensing issues. The Hodor doorstep is one 3D printing venture that has though been introduced in the market. The 3D file is available through Thingiverse.

3D printed music video- Rock band Yeti has come up with their music video and it features numerous 3D printing characters. The video was funded by SPPF and FCM. The video backdrop is Pandora’s hell.
3D printed jewelry- Waaypoint is a jewellery design company in Oregon, Portland. It is engaged in developing cartographic inspired 3D printed pieces. Their collection consisting of rings and a pendant, is based on NASA’s elevation mapping data, which they have incorporated into jewelry pieces.

3D printed Iron Age jewelry- Ben price is a student at the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute. He has replicated numerous jewelry dating back to the first and third century AD.

3D printed candies- Lutti is candy manufacturer in France has launched an online service. Users can customize their own candies and order their customized candies by selecting the shape, flavour and more.

Source: 3ders.org

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