Romanian Company Symme 3D To Launch Their First Ever 3D Bio Printer

In the medical field of additive manufacturing, 3D bioprinting is said to be the most promising application. Therefore, it comes as no shock that different organizations from across the world are trying to coordinate with this technology.

We are here talking about a Romanian startup company Symme 3D that has introduced a new 3D bioprinter. It is also their country’s first ever bioprinter to be launched.

It is quite exciting for the growth of 3D industry in Romania. The printer is launched in order to assist the new additive manufacturing system for research program conducted by Center for Gene and Cellular Therapies. It is said to be the most established and successful research center in the Southeastern Europe.

As mentioned by Mr. Calin Brandabur, the founder and Chief Technology Officer at Symme 3D, the 3D bioprinter has already been put to work as it is being used to make samples if cartilage and also for experimenting the use of stem cells and the epithelial cells. The experiments being done by far are smaller but at the same time, they are quite successful for the company.

The expectations from the bioprinter are high. It will gradually turn into helping the company with bigger experiments. According to Brandabur, the company will soon be printing complex human tissues and more vascularized tissues such as Skin. Eventually, when the usage of 3d bioprinter is at its advanced stage, it will be used to print organs like muscles, bones, kidney and liver. It is quite understandable that these kinds of development take a large course of time to be accomplished but once it’s achieved, the organ implants will be done with more safety.

There are total 3 3D Bioprinters available at OngoGen that has been helping the company in various medical endeavors. In coming time, OngoGen will be coming up with more applications with Symme 3D that will target other diseases including Cancer.


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