Skylanders Creator App to enable designing and 3D printing of Imaginators Skylanders game

A new mobile app of the Skylanders toy-to-life video game is launched. Now users can develop their own 3D printed character from the video game’s forthcoming series of Skylanders Imaginators game. Players can create personalized cards and trading t-shirts. This Skylanders venture has become a tremendous success among gamers, developers, and publishers.

The toy-to-life game has become successful not only among gamers but also in terms of monetary value. In the authentic gameplay, players buy NFC-enabled character toys, which are fit on the “Portal of Power” to allow in-game play with those characters. And now, players of the Skylanders Imaginators game which is due for October 13 release, will be able to use the Skylanders Creator, the new mobile app, to create their very own customized 3D printed characters.

The month of October will be activity-filled for Skylander fans. Along with the Imaginator, the Skylanders Academy, a Netflix online TV series, will release in the month. But the release of the Skylanders Creator is all set to take the cake. It has stirred the greatest excitement amongst its fans. The users of the app will create new and innovative characters using creation tools. These creations can then be imported into the video game using an audio feature called ’chirping’. With this audio feature, an online connection is not needed to receive the custom Skylander features from the app into the game.

Some features of the Creator app are-

• Large variety of body parts and color options
• Time Imaginite Chests are special features that work at certain times in the day.
• Sensei chests- another interesting feature
• Collection menu
• 3D printed figures

Using all the above features, when the player has finished creating his custom character, he can order it for 3D printing through Shapeways. The 3D printed character arrives at the player’s doorstep in an enclosed glass dome with a base. The 3D printed Skylanders contest commences in October. The Skylanders Creator app will be downloadable in iOS and Android apps.


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