3D Printing Industry: Dawn of a new Era

New era in 3D printing - Think 3D

Imagine if you could create something out of thin air! Pure magic isn’t it! The reason behind this magic is not a wand but a 3D printing manufacturing machine or the additive manufacturing technology behind it, which can make all your dreams turn into reality.

Let’s get to know this technology a little better. What exactly is it? 3D printers are printers turn computer models into real things. They can print objects using variety of materials like various plastics, metal, nylon and even chocolate! These objects are built in layers until the entire object is complete. This process can be compared with the making of a multiple layered cake. The multiple layered cake is prepared by adding the different layers of various flavors together to form one finished output. Similarly a 3D printer creates the final object by making it in layers. It is very much similar to the Xerox machine, except that it adds another dimension (Z axis) to the traditional 2D design  (giving the height factor to the design).

Rise of 3D Printing Industry

Many business giants are using this technology to produce prototypes of their finished products alas saving time as well as saving millions of dollars that were previously spent in the production of prototypes. Many other companies are using this technology to manufacture items where customers are willing to spend more on products scoring high on design element, like spectacles, accessories, furniture and many other items. There are various advantages of 3D printers such as: Less wastage, cheaper manufacturing costs for customized designs, Quicker production time for prototypes. It finally opens a new approach to buying things with a personal touch. Looking at the present scenario and the obvious benefits, it seems that this trend is here to stay for a really long time.

Personal 3D Printers

Nowadays personal or consumer level 3D printers are thriving in the market. With many organizations making their products through this technology are in a way promoting this new mode of printing. This technology is in the boom particularly in the craft sector. Anybody who has a 3D design of an object can easily take a print out of it from anywhere. These personal 3D printers can be made by anyone with the help and guidance of various website that are there teaching how to do it on the internet (Eg: RepRap Printers) . But don’t be discouraged if you lack the DIY skill, you can buy lots of low cost printers in the market. In the coming 1-2 years, the 3D printer market is expected to explode with many consumer level printers and the prices will be as low as a few hundreds of dollars. Don’t mistake this to replace the old fashioned manufacturing industry; this will only enable customers to produce personalized products at home rather than going out to purchase them. (Click here to compare various 3D printers available in the market)

Shopping behavior changes with 3D printing

The video posted will give you a glimpse of the future, where shopping how shopping habits of customers of customers change. They can purchase product designs online, customize as per their wishes and then get the printed product delivered to home, thus giving the customer the change to personalize stuff. Voilà! Now you can be your own designer.

Image Credit: Taro Taylor (flickr handle: tjt195)

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