3D Printing, The Good Samaritan in Syria

What UN is terming as “the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of the cold war,” is getting some aid from two organizations which are using technology and crowd sourcing concept to come up with solutions. They are all set to bring out the good Samaritan in everybody who does have some sense of 3D modeling.

Recently, Oxfam a nonprofit organization teamed up with iMakr, particularly for their online 3D printable platform MyMiniFactory for a mission in Lebanon. This duo is trying to help people in the midst of humanitarian crisis. Oxfam reached out to the 3D printing site iMakr earlier this year to find out a method for crowd sourcing 3D printable designs for addressing problems at various locations that were engulfed with humanitarian emergencies. In response to this, the collaborative efforts made by the duo brought out a brand new and highly innovative idea of launching a project by the name Donate by Design.

What exactly is this project?

In this project MyMiniFactory lists specifications for a solution to a given crisis and this is uploaded on the website. As designers send in their 3D blueprints for that emergency, on the other hand the Oxfam teams all over the world will print appropriate submissions and test them on the site. On the basis of the feasibility of the design appropriate improvements and changes can be made to the initial design. This will be done until the final design is complete. When this is achieved mass manufacturing will be carried out in order to address the problem on a larger scale.

The first project that this duo is attempting is in Lebanon and the project is an attempt to increase hand washing among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Nick Insall, Project Manager at MyMiniFactory, announced that until May 27, the company will be taking in 3D blueprints for this cause.

So, if you have the knowledge as well as the skill, then just head over to the Donate by Design site and go through the specifications for the project. You now have a chance to help your neighbors in Lebanon.

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