Memoires in Figurines via 3d Printing

As 3D printing is slowing tricking into the mainstream, the areas that have been influenced by it have also changed rapidly from printing prostheses to product prototypes. There is a lot of demand for making figurines that are replicas of themselves or of someone dear. The 3D printing of figurines has become quite an innovative gift for loved ones. The price of the product is also quite affordable by spending something like $39, you can get yourself a figurine that could impress everyone!

There are many companies that offer this service online. The only thing that you have to do is to send them your photograph and they will send you back the 3D printed figurines in less than 7 business days. As fun as it sound, the final output and the feeling of holding yourself in your hands is something which cannot be explained, it is something that has to be felt. The finished product is made with the help of a 3D scanner and a 3D printer.

A Berkeley 3D-printing startup, by the name of Twindom has been providing people with such services. The founders, Richard Berwick, David Pastewka and Will Drevno; in their new venture are on the way of immortalizing around 500 college graduates this year. Apart from physical products the company is conducting some experiments with animating the scans and enabling the customers to flaunt their figurines on Facebook.

Twindom is just one of the companies doing this; there are many other 3D printing companies that are providing this service online. Among the more famous companies that offer this service online is Shapeways.

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