3D Printing Used to Build a 6m Tall Game of Thrones Style Castle in Russia

A Russian cement plant is using 3D printing techniques to replicate the Winterfell tower from Game of Thrones. This security tower is two storey high and will oversee the Yekaterinburg Plant.

A similar expedition was recently conducted by a Chinese firm that 3D printer a villa totally. The General Director of the Ekaterinburg cement plant Rinat Brylin said that they were inspired by the Game of Thrones castle and wanted to build and house like a castle. For this purpose, they will use the idea of historical styling. Brylin went to see the construction of the Chinese building but did not approve much of its styling, which involved a very printed look, poor finish and a bad stench in the cement.

This project by the Russian company will be like a sales tool therefore, they want to make it just perfect. This could be a big leap for the construction industry and since Brylin has a cement plant he can improvise his construction material till it becomes perfect for 3D printing.

The company has a huge 3D printed machine with a movable arm, which could draw the interest of construction firms all around the world. The company initially laid the foundation using traditional equipment, since it did not have the 3D printer. Then it acquired the printer and in a few weeks, 50 cm of the tower was constructed. The entire project will be erect in just a few days. Only about 4 people have been engaged in the construction of the building. As of now, 3D printing is viable for low-rise buildings and more advanced technology is needed for towering constructions.

A building was printed in Dubai recently, but it was an off-site construction. The possibility of onsite constructions will be a reality in the coming years.

Source: 3ders.org

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