Mark Tailor Forays in 3D Printing for Customization of Suits

3D printing has gripped even the apparel industry and now customization of apparels will be an easier process. The Australian company Tailors Mark is adopting the 3D printing and scanning mechanisms to create a personalized shopping experience for the customers. Tailor’s Mark is already a prominent name in customized suit making and has 17000 customers all around the globe.

The company has filed for 8 patents of their scanning technologies. They would be providing a technology whereby the customer would be able to 3D scan his complete body using his smartphone which would be connected to the company’s devices. Until now, the customer had to choose from within the available fits or go in person to offer his statistics.

These measurements will be sent to the manufacturing unit where all 3D printing gadgets will devise a replicated body of the customer, taking into account all the minute features. The torso made out of these 4 and 5 m high 3D printers will be light and reusable. The co-founder Rob Fisher said that these torsos could be printed in just two hours.

The new system is being tested at the office in Prahran, Melbourne. Thereafter the equipment will be shipped to Bangkok, where the major portion of the company’s garments is manufactured. As per the company co-founder, this printing technique will reduce the possibility of alterations and fittings. This will also reduce the chances of return from 10% to 0 % for the company. Tailor’s mark is going to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASE) and the company will expand and raise its capital in the coming months.

Tec fit is another subsidiary of Tailor’s mark which is engaged in body-scanning and 3D printing testings, in association with Sydney University and the University of Technology, Sydney.


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