3D Sprint 2.0 by 3D Systems aims to improve work performance of plastic 3D printers

3D Sprint 2.0 is a new software solution by 3D Systems. This solution is developed with a vision to accelerate the work speed and simplify work processes for 3D printers at 3D Systems. 3D Systems has released two plastic 3D printers such as the ProJet 1200 SLA 3D printer and ProJet MJP 2500 3D printer.

3D Sprint 2.0 will be used as a print management and print optimization software that enhances productivity for 3D Systems printers. It can streamline and simplify the process of 3D printing by minimizing the division of projects among multiple software programs. The result would be a simplified and productive printing process that would save time and money.

3D Sprint 2.0 has several 3D printing design tools that enable users to change, edit and prepare 3D models that can be printed from the software interface itself. Part splitting, cutting, and keying; offsetting, shelling, and thickening; part grouping; triangle reduction; and part quality checks are some of the features. 3D printer management tools within the platform can be used to trigger system checks, firmware updates, and data retrieval.

Ilan Erez, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Software at 3D Systems said that with 3D Sprint 2.0, their goal is to make 3D printing in plastic easier and faster. The tools embedded in this software enable the users to estimate the print time and material level before printing. Print queues and monitoring of 3D printers are some of its plus points. Additionally, 3D Sprint promises to condense various 3D printing software into a single interface.

Customers who have used this software in the beta stage have given positive reviews. They said that an intelligent software like 3D Sprint 2.0 could totally transform the working of a virtual machine. Its accommodates .stl, .obj and .ply file inputs, as well as a variety of CAD formats, and will ship with all ProJet 1200 and ProJet MJP 2500 3D printers.

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