3D Bioprinting Laboratory to open in Cyprus in 2017

The University of Cyprus in partnership with IQJET ARTISIA Company and in collaboration with Russia-based NextGene Biosystem, Amur State Medical Academy, and IQDEMY SA Holding (IQJET ARTISIA’s parent company), has announced that it will be opening an advanced 3D bioprinting laboratory in 2017. The bioprinting lab’s research will focus on healthcare treatments that benefit from 3D bioprinting.

IQ ARTISIA and NextGene Biosystem have been researching on the production of 3D bioprinting skin. This skin will be useful for patients suffering from skin burns and trophic ulcers. Both the companies are working on developing a 3D bioprinter that can perform this task. Last year, at the Biointerfaces International Conference (BIC), Dr. George Güttinger talked about the need of launching a bioprinting laboratory in Europe. This bioprinting project is largely inspired by his opinions and, thereafter, the professional service company KPMG called a conference between IQDEMY SA President Vladislav Mirchev, development director Olga Kondratieva, and the head of the University of Cyprus for the launch and investment for the bioprinting laboratory. KPMG is ARTISIA IQJet’s official auditor.

The date of the opening of the bioprinting lab is yet to be finalized. Yet, the bioprinting lab will be one of the most state-of-the-art labs in Europe. Ultimately, the goal of the bioprinting lab is to further advance and achieve new breakthroughs with bioprinting technology.

The 3D bioprinting lab will most probably be located at the University of Cyprus, which houses eight faculties, the Faculty of Engineering and the medical school being the most renowned ones. ARTISIA IQJET was founded in 2016 and is engaged in research and development of digital printing and bioprinting industry. NextGene Biosystem Company, a new scientific company, deals in new medical technologies such as biomedicine and bioprinting.

Source: 3ders.org

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