A 3D Printed Car by Strakka Displayed at Thinktank, Birmingham

A racing car developed by British team Strakka Racing was put up for display at Thinktank at the Birmingham Science Museum from 28th July for 6 weeks. This car is a 300 km/h Dome S103 prototype. Team head Dan Walmsley said that this project was a good example to show how car parts can be printed. The 3D printed parts of the car are developed by Strakka using a durable printer from Stratasys. They were speedily made by printing and had lesser cost involvements.

This team that has printed the parts of S103 is a pioneer in this field it has created car scale model parts for tunnel wing testing and also parts for the real cars. This kind of technology has paved the way for printing car parts right in the garage of the car.

Lisa Stallard of the Thinktank was very positive about the car and said that this car has had an international presence and left a considerable impact on the visitors. This Le Mans car was also a pleasant change from the motorbikes and car collections of the museum.

Stallard seems highly impressed with the 3D printed car and also said that this car is also the perfect example to showcase the revolutionary developments in the scientific fields. It was a fine example of 3D printing and how it could be used to innovate and impact change. With the help of 3D printing, car parts could be built with much ease and high speed. The durability of the product would also not be compromised upon and the cost of production and transport costs would also be reduced. This Le Mans car which has been developed by Strakka is the perfect display of innovation by 3D printing in the automotive industry.

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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