A new genre of entrepreneurs powered by 3D Printing

3D printing Entrepreneurs

The growth potential of 3D printing is like the sky or in other words it’s limitless. The expansion of this technology can be contributed to the constant efforts that are being made by millions of 3D printing developers, scientists as well as hobbyists. The power of 3D printing has the power to change the way a country or a person does business. There have been instances in many parts of the world where 3D printing has changes the way business is being done as well as introduces a new chain of entrepreneurs into the economy.

The entrepreneurs of this age are very much attracted by this new technology as it gives them an edge above the traditional manufacturing and order taking methods. Traditionally an object was not dispatched or was not made until a commitment of minimum orders was made. This also generated the problem of stock management since products could be created only when orders were placed. This traditional method can be easily done away with the help of this 3D printing technology. Whenever there is a demand of an object it can be made with the help of these printers without the customer waiting for others too to demand for the same object. It is definitely a time saver for both the parties. This issue has been much debated on the largest online community for entrepreneurs globally the “YoungEntrepreneur.com”.

Many small entrepreneurs have already started to use this smart technology for instant development. Like the US based Pixil 3D, which equips small businesses with services such as designing, manufacturing and distribution of 3D printed products in a neat package. They can generate finished products for clients who have walked into the store with just an idea. Pixil 3D uses a MakerBot Replicator as the dream machine of the store. The clients can sell these objects with the help of the online Pixil shop by the name of Etsy.com. As the founder of Pixil 3D, Pedro Ruiz says, “Customization is really what 3D printing is all about. We have a problem and we can literally make the solution in a matter of hours. It makes sense for small companies to invest early on and really embrace it now. There are opportunities to be had.”

Another start up, Archetype Z, which is run by Alia Hasan is working with the help of 3D printers to manufacture jewelry. The benefit that they reap would be from the low production cost as compared to the traditional method and also aims at gaining an upper hand in the business with the ability to instantly customize the product lines. The company is using a business model wherein they focus on designing the product with the help of Shapeways to manufacture the end product.

Apart from these two companies there are several others that have or that are using this technology of 3D printing to improve the way they do business. There is still no full proof methodology to have a wholly sustainable and profitable business but with the use of this technology we can surely see some positive changes in the manufacturing industry as well as some innovative entrepreneurs on the block.

Image Credit: Kay Kim (flicker handle: kaykim)

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