MoonHouse Project – A 3D Printed House on the moon

MoonHouse Project: 3D printed House on Moon

The space has belonged to a very few for a very long time. Only selected nations have ventured into the space and the rest of us have been sitting here and watching the progress that is being made (more like spectators). The tables are about to turn and the spectators will be the performers! This is no NASA intervention but it is surprisingly an artist from Sweden who is trying to launch his artwork into the space.

Mikael Genberg, has started a project named “the MoonHouse project”, in which Mikael wishes to place a self constructing house on the moon-this is an attempt that is being made by the artist to light up the gloomy environment on the moon.

This project was started by Mikael in 2003 which has got the final shape in 2014, this delay has occurred because of some financial crisis. The artist takes this lag in time to his stride as during this time he made constant efforts to educate people about his passion for the MoonHouse project. The house looks like a contemporary Swedish cottage which will fly to the moon in a shoebox-sized package! This house will be created with the help of 3D printers. The material that is being used to protect the outer wall of the house is a thin sheet of space cloth that would erect the carbon made materials using pressurized gas. It also has the quality of self assembling once it lands on the moon in about 5 to 15 minutes. The measurement of the house is 9 m², which is enough to accommodate one person. The house is only 75% complete. The house will be placed in on the surface of the moon in October 2015 with the help from an American aerospace company Astrobotic. The contribution from people is being encouraged as if you contribute $20 then you can get an access to the blueprint of the MoonHouse and with $50 you could get your named engraved on the house.

To know more about the MoonHouse and how you could contribute to the project visit

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