A summary of 3D printing news around this week

Here is a quick roundup of some important 3D printing events that came to our notice.

3D scanning and 3D printing in-ear device system by 3Shape and Envision Tec

The AudiologyNow! Conference is being held from April 5-8 this year in the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. Envision TEC and 3Shape will showcase their turnkey system created for in-ear devices. CEO Al Sabani said that Envision TEC is continuing its partnership with 3Shape to develop in-ear services to the market. They work together to deliver quick and reliable solutions for patients and hearing aid professionals. Using this system, audiology professionals can 3D scans the user’s ear and use the files to 3D print a customized in-ear device.

Check out Tethon 3D’s new glass ceramic resin material for 3D printing

Tethon 3D is a leading 3D printing ceramics manufacturer that has come up with a new product with innovative properties. Vitrolite is a photo-curing glass ceramic polymer resin which will be used in SLA or DLP printers. After kiln firing, the objects printed with Vitrolite impart a semi-translucent white color with a smooth crystal surface. Vitrolite prints are chemical resistant and have a low level of density and porosity.

Nano Dimension and Zuken have collaborated to establish 3D printing firm

Zuken’s CR-800 is a design tool that improves the 3D printing processes. Nano Dimension will make use of this technology whereby no extra process is required to 3D print different conductive materials.

Graphene 3D announces new releases

Graphene 3D has added 2 new products to its G6-EpoxyTM line of advanced adhesive materials. Other products to be released in this line were the carbon-silver adhesive materials. These materials have low silver content, without letting go of electrical conductivity.

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