Corey Kluber gets 3D printed plates fitted in his cleats for better pitching performance

New Balance has fitted 3D printed plates into Kluber’s cleats which are directed at improving the sport star’s game performance

Cleveland Indians in MLB will definitely be under the radar this season, as their star pitcher Corey Kluber has made use of 3D printing technology to enhance his performance. New Balance, the sportswear company has fitted 3D printed plates into Kluber’s cleats which are directed at improving the sport star’s performance during the game.

Kluber is the first sportsperson in MLB to avail 3D printing services for customizing sportswear for improving his game. The plates are 3D printed and customized to fit his shoes perfectly. Kluber has been associated with New Balance since the last fall and New Balance has incorporated every little detail to 3D print these plates that will directly influence his pitching action.

Dave Millman, Strategic Business Unit Manager for New Balance Baseball, said that 3D printing technology will help his company to serve the individual needs of other baseball stars in the MLB. He further said that every player on the field has a different glove based on their position so the players should get spike built as per their position in the game. The pitcher’s position is the most asymmetrical movement on the field and he is the one whose game can be greatly improved through technological intervention. After an initial round of successful prototyping, at New Balance’s Lawrence, MA Sports Research lab for testing during spring, the final 3D printed plates were completed.

According to Bryan Gothie, Manager of the Cleated Innovation Division, New Balance focused on getting the spikes aligned in a way that gives him an extremely stable landing. He also stated that while developing the plates, different variables were tested upon, giving him more stability and more control. Though the plates did not help Kluber in the season’s first game, we have to wait and see the performance of all the games before we give a final verdict.

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