Ackretta Technologies launches the revolutionary Ackuray A 135 DLP 3D printer

Ackuretta Technologies recently introduced the Ackuray A135, a DLP 3D printer. The Taiwan-based 3D printer manufacturer has also released eight new resin materials, which can be used for several processes, such as dentistry, medical, jewelry making, manufacturing etc.

In addition to Ackuretta’s DLP technology, the Ackuray A135 has numerous new features and settings which increase the 3D printer’s reliability and the print quality. The Ackuray A135 has a building envelope of 135 x 76 x 200 mm, an X and Y axis resolution of 70 microns, and a Z resolution of up to 1 µm increments. The 3D printer is constructed using superior quality materials and new parts which are easy to operate.

Ayush Bagla, the managing director of Ackuretta technologies said that the Ackuray A135 had all the latest features that were needed to achieve a revolution in additive manufacturing. The speed, quality, and accuracy of this printer would enable its complaint use in the regular business models. This printer uses the Materialise Visualizer software that customizes the print settings and controls of the printer. Along with the printer, the company has launched eight new resins, four of which are biocompatible.

The eight resin printing materials are-

• QuraDENT, a photopolymer resin which is ideal for 3D printing durable dental models
• QuraGP, an ABS-like resin is reportedly useful for 3D printing functional prototypes
• QuraCLEAR, a transparent photopolymer resin which is useful for printing surgical models, flow models, and prototypes.
• QuraWAX, a resin with high wax content that can be used to mold jewelry and dental castings.
• DETAX Freeprint Mould, a biocompatible resin used for manufacturing of ear molds and hearing protections.
• DETAL Freeprint Shell, used for 3D printing hard ITE shells for hearing aids.
• DETAX Freeprint Cast 2.0, ideal for 3D printing molds for silicone ear molds.
• DETAX Freeprint Splint, used for drilling templates for occlusal splints.

These resins are available in the range of $140 to $550. The printer comes at $18900.

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