50 Million Euros Being Invested By MetalValue

According to the latest buzz in 3d industry, a French Metallurgy company called MetalValue Powder has invested 50 million euros in order to construct an innovative gas atomized steel powder manufacturing facility. It has been said that this new facility will create 60 new jobs in Eure, Pitres and France since these are the regions where this facility will be launched. It will have huge powder production capacity of 40000 tons per year.

It is also being reported that the powder will be used to create complex objects in additive manufacturing. The niche application that will be supported with the help of the powder of this production house includes aeronautics, energy sectors, and automotive.

It will take last quarter of 2018 for this plant to begin its working. Purposely this plant has been located next to the Manoir Industries Foundry. This will assist MetalValue facility with the melted down liquid steel and eventually, the steel will be preceded into 3d printable metal powder. More than 50 job positions are expected to be available in the company at their factory location. A huge amount of 25 million euros has been invested to increase foundry’s capacity.

Steel powder is said to offer a massive number of benefits as a manufacturing material. It has resistance to corrosion and high temperatures for better making of the objects. It is also more affordable than the solid steel so it is economical in use too.

Cost-wise too MetalValue is expected to reduce the prices of steel powder and the production is expected to increase. This way this material will be more competitive.

Source: 3ders.org

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