AESUB: Upgrading the quality of industrial 3D scanning

If we want to design a model with the exact shape and dimensions then we need to opt for 3D scanning. Recently some of the German manufacturers proposed a new idea for obtaining the high precision of objects. Spraying the objects before the scanning process ensures clean surfaces. A German manufacturer named AESUB is a specialist in the production of sprays. This helps to digitize reflecting and transparent surfaces and evaporates them after scanning. Now let us know about the founder and what are the reasons for proposing these sprays.

Friedrich Schlott, founder of AESUB started his career in BMW and now he is having 20+ years of experience in the field of optical measurement technology. Before starting AESUB, he worked with measurement services company. And now both the companies are moving forward each other and gained huge success in recent times.

How did the idea of founding AESUB come about?

Traditional sprays contain pigments which create a white layer when applied. So everytime we need to carry component for cleaning the sprays. Additionally the devices are also contaminated with pigments. All these factors resulted in the idea of founding AESUB.

What is the significance of scanning sprays for the resulting 3D scan ?

The main advantage is the ability to digitize components that cannot be scanned by optical scanners without the spray. This includes transparent but also reflective, heavily structured components with deep grooves or something similar. A high-quality scan of demanding components with complex geometries without spray requires a lot of know-how, patience and time.

What advantages do AESUB products offer and how do they differ from each other ?  

AESUB blue, orange and green offer great decisive advantage over traditional sprays that applied coating evaporates again after a while without leaving the residue. In this way it eliminates time consuming component cleaning after scanning. There is no need to scan the prototypes after cleaning. Hence our slogan is SPRAY| SCAN | DONE!  There is neither contamination of environment nor pigment deposits. So finally the spray can be used directly on the scanner which is previously unthinkable. AESUB blue and orange differ in the sublimation time i.e the time in which the vapour evaporates again. AESUB green is suitable for spraying large areas or automated scans.

What future projects are planned for AESUB ? 

Based on our requirements such as ingredients, sublimation time, layer thickness we will develop matting solutions so that our sprays can be further optimized.

Further optimizations can be done in the future for achieving high precision of objects.

Image Source: 3d natives

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