Applications of 3D Printing in Sports Industry

There are many applications in 3D printing. Additive manufacturing is not only increasing in aerospace, automotive, construction, and medicine but also in the sports industry. With the help of additive manufacturing, we can produce various types of protective equipment for various purposes.

3D printed prosthesis for a cyclist :

Many things are possible with 3D printing. A German competitive cyclist, Denise Schindler  was able to snag a silver and bronze medal at 2016 Paralympics in Rio with the help of 3D printed prosthesis. She works with the web-based Mecuris Solution Platform, which 3D prints her prosthesis. Her prosthetist can design the way she wants the foot exactly.

Chevrolet race cars with 3D printed parts : 

Chevrolet announced that by October, their race cars with incorporated 3D parts had covered 80,000 miles or approximately 130,000 km. Brands namely Covrette, INDYCAR, NASCAR Camaro and Silverado used 3D printed components in their vehicles. The latest one Corvette C8.4s  covered 9000 miles in seven races.

Cavendish Imaging’s 3D Printed Football Mask:

Cavendish Imaging is a London based company which provides masks for injured athletes so that they can continue playing. With the help of the 3D software, companies are able to scan the athlete’s face and create a 3D printed model. This method reduces the risk of players so that the injured persons are not harmed again. This kind of masks are used by many professionals such as Football, Rugby players.

The HEXR 3D Printed Helmet:

Generally most of the helmets are made up of foam, which doesn’t provide much safety. James Cook, Co-founder and CEO at HEXR thought of changing something. So he came up with a new idea, where he launched a new helmet made up of Polyamide 11 (PA 11). This provides more protection and it is customizable, so that you can design the way you want.

Many advancements are going on with the help of 3D printing.

Image Source: 3d natives

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