Apple acquires Tel-Aviv based face recognition startup for $2 million

RealFace has been taken over by Apple for two million dollars. Tel-Aviv based RealFace develops face recognition technology and has devised the Pickeez app which selects the user’s best photos based on mathematical calculations. This deal has created a buzz that Apple might incorporate face recognition features in its upcoming iPhone models.

RealFace was started by Adi Eckhouse Barzilai and Aviv Mader in 2014 and is a relatively small organization that has 5-10 employees. The start-up came up with face recognition software for low-powered devices, whereby it offers the users smart biometric log-in options. The company stated on its Linkedin page that their software enabled authentication, mobile conversion optimization, and automated onboarding options using the most advanced methods to create a seamless user-experience. The startup has a proprietary IP in the field of face recognition.

As the acquisition is underway, RealFace’s website is not functional. Their technology will provide the most advanced form of authentication facility across all platforms. The company is yet to announce of the buyout, though as per confirmed sources the deal was struck for $2 million.

The takeover by the tech giant is expected to result in the launch of new and advanced products of Apple. The Realface software could be used for virtual and augmented reality applications. Other uses of this software could be for 3D scanning for 3D printing, volumetric scans, object recognition, or range-finding tools.

Once the acquisition is complete, it will be the fourth Israeli company that Apple has bought in the recent times. In 2011, Apple acquired Anobit, a flash memory manufacturer; in 2013 it took over 3D sensor company PrimeSense; and in 2015 it acquired LinX, a camera tech company.
Amidst all the speculation, it is yet to be seen why Apple has actually struck this deal. But the rumors about the iPhone 8 and biometrics software seemed very valid here.

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