Australian 3D printing giant ties up with doob Group to produce 3D printed colored figurines

Australian 3D printing company 333D (listed as T3D) has attained the exclusive rights to market doob Group AG’s 360-degree photogrammetry technology in Australia and New Zealand. 333D will use doob Group’s 3D scanning technology to offer 3D printed selfies in Australia and New Zealand.

doob Group is a German 3D tech company which had developed the “Dooblicator” mobile 3D scanning technology. Photogrammetry is a technique in which high-res photographs are taken from various angles of an object and reconstructed into a 3D model. This contact-free 3D scanning system can capture full-body 3D scans in just 0.01 seconds, and thereafter the scans are ready to be 3D printed.

doob Group AG has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. It has spread its wings worldwide with operations in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Tokyo. The company is acclaimed for making the best 3D printed figurines on the market and has revenues of nearly $10 million per year. With the tie-up between T3D and doob, The 3D printing company will use doob’s 3D scanning processes as a part of its agreement with the Australian Football League (AFL). 333D has signed a deal with AFL to 3D print their sports merchandise which includes figurines, medallions, and more. 333D is likely to strike deals with other sporting associations to 3D print their sports ware.

333D will use all of doob’s expertise to manufacture intricately detailed figurines, as the 3D printing group has exclusive rights to use and access doob’s technology in Australia and New Zealand.
Torsten Bernasco, COO doob Group AG, said that they were pleased to announce their partnership with 333D. He further said that doob had strived to acquire expertise in scanning and 3D printing of figurines and was now a world leader in this sector. Their partnership with 333D will take their efforts a big step further ahead.

333D recently announced a partnership with 3D pen manufacturer CreoPop to develop a 3D printer system that integrates the CreoPop 3D pen and its patented resin inks.

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