Autodesk forays into 3D printed footwear with Autodesk Footwear group

Autodesk Footwear Group

Autodesk today unveiled Autodesk Digital Footwear Group by combining products from the Delcam Crispin and Delcam Custom Orthotics Insoles lines into a single new brand. The Footwear group will integrate Delcam’s existing software solutions with Autodesk’s 3D printing software, services and technologies to design and manufacture custom shoes and shoe accessories.

Delcam is a UK based company that provide complete CAD/CAM software for digital footwear industry and also various other software packages to manufacture custom orthotic insoles, footwear design solution, and total footwear costing. Autodesk acquired the company in February 2014 and all the Delcam business staff will be absorbed by the new Autodesk Footwear group.

There is currently a very large market for custom shoes, orthotics and insoles with major players like Nike, Adidas and New Balance eager to develop new products that enhance comfort, fit and athletic performance. With this strategic development, Autodesk is soon to enter the digital shoe market in a big way.

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