Barnes & Noble to Organise Mini Maker Faire Second Time this Year

Barnes & Noble is a bookseller in the US. It is the largest book retailer in the US and has 638 stores. It is also engaged in selling 3D printers. It hosted Mini maker Faire last year. This year again it has teamed up with Make to host this year’s Mini maker Faire, commencing in November this year.

This fair attracted hoards of visitors in 2015. It provides a platform to makers to showcase their talent. They demo their products and explain to the customers the uses of the 3D printing techniques. Interactive sessions will enable users and customers to get a better knowledge of the 3D printing products and equipment. They will get a chance to use their creativity and work on the 3D printing projects.

All Barnes & Noble store will have a Make Workplace corner during this fair. This corner will inform the customers about the latest gadgets and innovations in 3D printing. Though the main agenda would be 3D printing, robotics, and coding, virtual and augmented reality projects will also be discussed at the Faire. Customers could try their hands at projects from Products from littleBits, LEGO, Squigz, Strawbees, Magformers, and Brackitz will also be present for more hands-on opportunities.

Kathleen Campisano, Vice President of Toys & Games at Barnes & Noble said that after the success of the Maker FAIRE last year, they are thrilled at the overwhelming response coming from the customers. They will try again to bring together technology, creativity, and innovation. Sherry Huss, founder Maker Faire, sees this as a platform to promote tech-awareness. He further said that it was a great opportunity for local and national communities to learn and interact with each other. It will provide an interactive learning platform to makers across the country to participate in the event.


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