Fuel 3D Partners with FittingBox for augmented reality eyewear

3D scanning technology innovator Fuel 3D is launching a virtual-eyewear system. We have heard of facial 3D scanning systems, this is a step ahead in the scanning segment. The concept used is simple and the system is easy to operate. The Fuel 3D MODULE scans the face of the user. The 3D model is created and various virtual frames can be tried on the model. This reduces the hassles of the customer. They do not have to try on various frames physically. The eyewear specialist too benefits from this model. He does not require keeping a vast supply of eyewear and can place orders as per the customer’s requirement.

Roger Bacon Eyewear is a Dutch startup that is coming up with a similar concept. Fuel 3D Will be collaborating with the eyewear systems of FittingBox to provide the latest technology to its customers. FittingBox’s OWIZ Mirror uses a digital camera and software to give a 3D effect. It enables the users to try different frame options.

The technology behind Fuel3D was shaped at the Oxford University. It is now used as a standard for capturing 3D data with accuracy and precision. It takes less than a second to capture the image. Fuel3D will install their 3D scanning technology into the OWIZ Mirror. As this system captures facial expressions with complete accuracy, it is way ahead of its competitors.

FittingBox CEO Benjamin Hakoun said that this virtual eyewear technology will collect accurate data at higher speeds. This will make things easier for the optometrists as well as the customers.
Fuel3D CEO Stuart Mead said that this technology will pave way for a market of augmented reality applications. Augmented reality has already made its presence felt in many industrial sectors and is now making its foray into the eyewear sector. This software is expected to launch by the end of this year.

Source: 3ders.org

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