WinSun Collaborates with HTT for 3D Printing Expertise in the Construction of the Hyperloop System

The Hyperloop is the dream transportation system which aims to cover the distance between San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 30 minutes. This is a High-speed transportation system has been proposed by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. The Hyperloop is expected to cover distances at a top speed of 1200km/hr. This transport technology uses reduced pressure tubes that contain pressurised capsules. These are operated by linear induction motors and air compressors.

The Chinese 3D company WinSun, has recently come into the picture. It has collaborated with HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) for tasks related to the construction of the Hyperloop. HTT is a crowd system engaged in developing the innovative Hyperloop system and includes scientists and researchers from SpaceX, NASA, Boeing and others.

WinSun will be a part of the construction team of the HTT Company. It will put together an R&D team that will be engaged in developing the 3D printing technologies of construction for the Hyperloop. This 3D printing research team will be engaged in developing high-speed and high-intensity platforms, rails, stations and pipelines for the Hyperloop Transport system.

WinSun said that its 3D printing technologies will forgo the processes of moulding, forging, and assembly that is associated with the traditional construction of creating the transport pipeline. The pipes will be 3D printed as a whole and have excellent strength and durability. A 5-mile track is proposed to be constructed in 2016 using the 3D printing technologies.

WinSun is a massive 3D construction company that has constructed 3D printed villas, courtyards, buildings and more. It recently completed the 3D printed restrooms in the mountain areas of China. Their collaboration with the HTT seems a promising step in the completion of the Hyperloop system in the United States.


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