Battery operated portable 3D printer

Pbag - Portable 3D printer

Every other day, we hear some new invention in the 3D printing space. The pace at which the industry is racing up is beyond human imagination. Here is another such invention that is propelling 3D printing into the main stream.

3D printers are bulky. Even the desktop 3D printers take considerable space on the work station. These printers are also heavy with lots of electric cords and hangs on. Taking this limitation into consideration, one company has come up with a portable 3D printer with the name Pbag. This 3D printer works with computer and smart phone. With the Pbag, one can 3D print from anywhere thus putting 3D printers at par with today’s smartphone that offers so much flexibility and access to resources.

Izzo, the founder of the company has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Pbag. The company intends to raise 50,000 euros by February 23rd. Depending on the pledge level, customer receives T-shirts, discount coupons and so on. Pbag has a build volume of 250x200x200 mm and the printer is powered solely by battery for upto 12 hours.

Pbag offers proprietary software that allows you to 3D print and completely control the process. The printer has an inbuilt micro-camera and a smartphone app thus helping you monitor the print from any place. The printer also has a tracking system. So, if you by any chance misplace the 3D printer, you can still track the printer, no matter which part of the world the printer is in. The fabric comes in leather, fabric or plastic material.

Specifications for the Pbag:

  • Filaments: 1.75mm PLA, ABS filaments
  • Max Temperatures: Nozzle – 300°C, Bed 100°C
  • Nozzle : 0.35mm J-Head
  • Printing Speeds : up to 300mm/s
  • Speeds (rapid) : up to 500mm/s
  • Heating Speeds : 1 Minute
  • Cooling : Fan/Turbine twin cooling system

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