Beautiful and Pocket-friendly 3D Printed Wedding Bands by Shapeways

Shapeways, a leading online 3D printing service has come up with the innovative idea of developing customized wedding rings for that special person. This service provides numerous styles and designs to choose from while the customer provides the stone. If the client is unable to select from the given list of samples, there are Shapeways blog posts by Dan Ko to guide you through steps of making your own customized design.
Dan Ko started with designing an engagement ring which took him about 4 months, but at the end cost him 50% less than retail market prices.
Let us go through the steps of Ko’s 3D printed ring…..
Ko looked for a skilled 3D designer and selected a ring design online. He made sure he had a jeweler in place to set the stone and went ahead and purchased the stone.
He then started working on the design and development process. The ring was first modeled in plastic, then silver and finally the piece was readied in platinum.
Though these steps and processes seem simple, but layers of skilled engineering design are involved in getting final results. Ko first made a cross sectional design of the ring and then rotated it around an axis to get a complete 3D sketch. The radius values had to be well adjusted and some fillets were added in the interior and exterior parts for better comfort. His design was ready and then he uploaded it as an STL file on Shapeways to place the order.
Shapeways has made the task of selecting a wedding ring, an extremely simple and interesting task, so explore the numerous designs at this 3D printing website to get that perfect wedding band.



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