New 3D Printable Modern avatars by Kicksterters for Tabletops

The Kicksterter campaign is being launched with a perspective to make customized characters based on the Anthro Scifi series that can be 3D printed at relatively high resolutions.
The characters in tabletop games like Warhammer are protected by security locks and are inaccessible. So this campaign aims to make alterations simple. The purchaser of the game would have to make easy modifications like changing the body and face of the character. 3D printing your own character in the game to a certain extent will help Kicksterter capture the modern miniatures market.
3D printing is used to make the customized 30mm sculpts as it gives maximum possibilities of making various alternate miniatures for the customers. Kichsterter aims to meet the goal of $10,000 which covers the designing of characters and the modifications possible in an avatar. A step by step breakdown and new models are presented with the inflow of monetary resources. Since customers go in for 1-2 types of these customized characters, they should not impose restrictions on the pocket.
Kichsterter works by coordinating with the design team, Imagine 3D Miniature in Spain, and Shapeways in the US. The challenges have to be faced diligently like the Visor character interface that requires immediate modifications and will be done by making the variant a light weight one.
The Kicksterter funds will be aimed at meeting the design requirements of the characters, that can be modified, 3D printed as per the guidelines of Pierce Fraser of Kicksterter. And till the funds are not totally available, there like be resin replicas of the earlier models available for the customers to use. It will take some time before the customer can get his avatar custom designed and modeled as per his choice.
The campaign has already hit the halfway mark of $10,000, and amidst all speculations, Kicksterter definitely emerges as a powerful tool to produce these sci-fi characters using 3D printing.


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