Bio3D’s Life Printer X Bio Printer

Bio- printing is a technology that is spreading like wild fire in the healthcare industry. The desire of man being God is somewhat coming true with the help of bio printers. These printers allow users to re- engineer the human body and make artificial organs and tissues that help in various transplantations. This technology has gained a lot of acknowledgement in the past few years. The impact of this technology is gigantesque. It has the capability of putting an end to the factors that affect people due to age and also show us a new dimension in fighting with diseases, injuries and aging. At present there are a few companies and organizations that are working on pushing this technology ahead.

One such company is Bio3D Technologies which is a new company based in Singapore. Recently it has announced the release of the country’s first Bio-printer named Bio3D Life Printer X. it is capable of printing living human tissues and cells for drug testing and experimentation. The best part of this printer is that it helps researchers to drug test ad experiment with human tissues and cells without putting the life of the patient in danger. After filing two patents on their micro printing and bio printer the company is now ready to launch their new bio printer in the market. If the machine works as per the claims that are being made by the company then this machine could be the next big thing in the medical and research community.

The key features of the machine are as follows:

  • Supports multiple materials printing including bio- and non-bio materials all together in a single session.
  • Upgradable modular printing heads.
  • Unlimited number of printing heads.
  • Precision of less than 10 microns.
  • Improved predictability and consistency.
  • Fits any sizes and shapes of containers and lab ware on the print platform.
  • Auto-alignment platform for accurate layering.
  • New and refreshing software interface.
  • Bio3D EASY Editor for precise coding in an easy to understand language.
  • Bio3D Visual Editor for graphical designing of structures and designs.
  • Tablets-friendly and comes with a Windows 8 powered tablet.
  • Voice command.
  • Anti-vibration pads.
  • Uses standard consumables.
  • Low switching and adopting cost.

The life printer is unique because the bio printer is one of the few printers that allow multiple bio materials to be printed at the same time. Since in one go there are many bio materials that are produced there is a lot of time that is being saved by this machine. The print heads of the printer are modular so various types of print heads can be easily fit onto it. For prints that are a bit complex the machine allows a combination of organic and inorganic materials that can be deposited in a single print session. The precision of the printer is also very appreciable i.e. 10 microns. The machine also boasts of an auto aligning print platform and a anti- vibration pad. These two key features assure that the prints that are generated have an accurate layering. The printer responds to voice command and can also be operated by a Windows 8 tablet. The printer is very affordable. The company has fixed the price of this printer at $2, 400 for a single extruder model and the more complex ones are priced at $8, 000.

This printer will surely give the other bio- printers that are available in the market a tough time.

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