It was beyond imagination for both the company as well as the onlookers when ORS Solutions 3D printer named RoVa 3D completed their Kickstarter goal of $25, 000 in just 2 days. As of today the company has crossed the milestone of $100,000. RoVa 3D is the first multi- material 3D printer.

The printer is based on the company’s previous 3D printer named, MH3000R1. The features of RoVa 3D are as follows:

  • print dimension (in inches): 11.18” x 11.88” x 7.55”
  • Print volume: 1002 cubic inch
  • Foot print (without spool): 15” x 10.75” x 17.5”
  • Z resolution: 50um
  • print temperature: 450 °C
  • Heated print bed: Yes
  • Print material: PLA/ABS/ Nylon/ PC/ PETT/ +more
  • Number of print heads: 5
  • Cost per print head: $519.80
  • Cost per liter of build space: $157.80
  • Aerospace alloy frame for ultimate rigidity and long life
  • Liquid cooled print heads to prevent jamming
  • High torque stepper motors for faster and more accurate prints
  • Fully assembled and ready to print

The company plans to give owner of MH3000R1 with parts with the help of which they can upgrade their printer and for CAD499, the users will get all the upgrades that come with the RoVa3D.

The company launched a contest named “Name Our Printer” for their new version of MH3000R1. For the first two weeks they asked citizens of Canada and USA to send their innovative names for naming the machine then the contest was opened to the rest of the world. There were many entries but the name that got selected was by Joe Williams from Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. He suggested the name RoVa in reverence to the Mars Rover. The “V” in the name RoVa is capitalized in order to associate it with the number of printing heads that is five (Roman numeral V=5).

The printer is priced at $2, 599.

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