Capt. Carrasco of Marine Corps designs 3D printed bottles to reduce Logistical Footprint

3D printing has is used to construct military equipment like Truclip and munitions. The use of 3D printing is growing in classrooms, where students are taught about technology. This technology is also being taught in military base camps in the various branches of military training.

Marine Corps Captain Justin Carrasco, of the Marine Corps Base Quantico at the Marine Corps University, has designed a prototype which he will soon test in real conditions. Capt. Carrasco is undergoing a 40-week course at the Expeditionary Warfare School. The goal of the course is to train the Marine Captains to function as commanders, by developing leadership and communication skills. Capt. Carrasco has designed and developed 3D printed disposable water bottles as a part of the research fellowship project.

The new water bottle designed by Capt. Carrasco will reduce the packaged water logistical footprint when it is transported in military vehicles. Capt. Carrasco was a motor transport platoon commander in Afghanistan, it this is how the idea of designing 3D printed bottles was born.

The ordinary round-shaped bottles are unstable during transit and often break. Capt. Carrasco made use of the 3D printing equipment at the MCBQ Family Library, and 3D printed the water bottle. His new water bottle design, contain the same amount of water though show a 40% logistical footprint reduction. These bottles optimally utilize space to hold water, provide better surface area and a sound packaging system.

The Quantico Spacemaker brought the 3D printed water bottles into existence and is equipped with Dremel Idea Builders. MakerSpace offers classes and demonstrations for all age levels, from a Coding Crash Course, Scratch programming class to mini STEAM lessons and Ozobots demonstrations.

3D printing services and classes in military areas will give military personnel access to this technology and they can make good use of it, just like Capt. Carrasco did.

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