The 3Doodler launches 3D kits for kids and creative enthusiasts on its 4th anniversary

Jungsub Shim has created a 3D printed chair in two months using a 3Doodler. This unconventional looking chair is made up of a mass of transparent particles that look like molecules. The inspiration to the chair was the neural connections in the human brain and the internet. Shim designed this chair at the Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, as a part of her furniture design making project. The Connect chair can hold the weight of an average adult.

Shim spent eight hours working on the chair every day. Each line had to be slowly drawn and connected to the other lines in the chair. The process had to be repeated each day and required a tremendous amount of patience and diligence. This chair reflects the productivity of the 3Doodler pen. Four years ago this pen came into existence as a repair tool to fill gaps in designs. It made history in its Kickstarter campaign and was created by the toy company Wobbleworks. From furniture to a full sized car, the utility of the 3Doodler pen would not have been envisaged by even the makers of this product. This pen is a delight for designers and creative enthusiasts who have devised wonderful objects with great precision and detail.

The 3Doodler comes in three varieties and its 3Doodler Start series launches many new products in 2017, after crossing the sale of the millionth pen.

The 3Doodler Start series includes 3D activity items for kids like:
• The 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set
• The 3Doodler Start Architecture Pen
• The 3Doodler Start Product Design Pen Set
The 3Doodler is also unveiling the 3DoodlerCreate Project Kit series in association with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 3D printing fans can use the pen to 3Doodle the Farnsworth House situated in Plano, Illinois.

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