CEL, of the Robox 3D printer fame, releases the three-part-network system

CEL, the 3D printer manufacturer and maker of the Robox 3D printer will release its three-part remote control system for controlling multiple Robox printers. The system consists of a tree, Root, and Mote which are the vertical housing, remote control, and the touchscreen interface for the Robox printers.
CEL is a British 3D printing company that had launched the Kickstarter campaign three years ago to launch the Robox 3D printers. More than 10000 Robox printers are sold since then and now CEL has introduced a new component in the Kickstarter campaign. This network system is a three-part component that makes using the 3D printer easier and more efficient.

Root is a remote control device using which users can control, share, and monitor numerous prints through a wired or wireless network. The second, Tree, is a small and compact system which houses multiple Robox units and improves productivity through better workflow. Mote, the third component, is a low-cost touchscreen interface to operate the Root device.

The Robox printer was manufactured for maximum flexibility and these three additions will add to the speed, reliability, and efficiency. With the use of Mote, the system can be integrated for use by the entire office setup. Elseworthy, the creator of Robox, says it’s a mammoth step for the CEL team.

These new systems will make the functioning of multiple Robox printers more efficient. Once connected to the root, the Robox printers will be visible to others in the network hence the office printers are run individually and also connected to a network. CEL has also partnered with RS Components and Polymaker to foray into distribution and marketing. CEL has also collaborated with local and international makers and producers to manufacture and distribute Root, Tree, and Mote.

The distributed manufacturing system has made the three-component with Robox system affordable, though the pricing system is a little tricky because the various combinations of the components are available at different prices.

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