Supercraft3D raises $1M for a 3D printed medical implant startup

Supercraft3D a medical 3D start-up has raised $1 million, funded largely by Binny Bansal, the co-founder of Flipkart. There are other angel investors and with these investments, the company will foray into developing new 3D printed medical implants for the Asian Markets.

Set up in September 2016 by Maltesh Somasekharappa and Venlaunched Gorti, Supercraft3D was launched to develop 3D solutions of the medical fraternity. These 3D devices and models are derived from CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs. These models aid the doctor in planning a better surgery, and the patient can understand his body anatomy better. These models can become testaments in a medico-legal situation.

Supercraft3D is one of the first 3D printing companies to manufacture customized medical implants made from Titanium a superior-quality alloy. As of now, options are relatively limited for 3D printed implants within the Asian market, and this company is focussing towards that. Somasekharappa said that Asians have very little options in the field of knee implants. The team makes implants based on age and lifestyle. Supercraft3D is currently filing for FDA and CE approval. They are also offering services of surgical equipment for single-use and multiple-use, made of bio-compatible materials.

Numerous medical implant equipment companies have sprung up around the world, but the options are few in the Asian markets. Supercraft3D uses advanced software and hardware to convert CT scans, X-rays and other scans to 3D models which are highly accurate and efficient. These will be highly valuable to the doctors in their analysis and study of the patient history and the treatment. The funding is Flipkart’s fifth investment with a medical implant company. It also collaborated with Pandorum Technologies; a biotech 3D printing company which developed India’s first 3D bio printed liver tissue.

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