Chistoph Laimer’s 2 New Launches In 3D Printing World

Christoph Laimer, the man who earlier this year launched a guide on how to create 3D printed mechanical watch. With the help of this guide, it was very easy to create a fully automated watch that is accurately functional. That is how he contributed towards the 3d printed design world.

Well, the watch was just the beginning because recently we heard that Christoph is all set to launch 2 new 3d printed projects.
According to the news, the first project is a 3d printed brushless motor. It features 65% efficiency at 90W and all its parts are made with 3d printing. The second thing that is about to be launched is a wind power writer that is driven by 3d printed brushless motor.

Many of the readers will not recognize Wind Power writer. Basically, it is a portable wind turbine that spins and combination of words are programmed into Arduino Pro Mini that is attached to it.

While gigantically cool, a comprehension of copper wiring, electric streams, engine controls, Arduino, circuit building, welding and pretty much everything else in some cases found in a gifted creator’s collection of capacities will be expected to make what Christoph has made.

From a 3D print point of view, pretty much every component of both his late plans have 3D printed segments to them (digitally made utilizing Combination 360). Whether its the propeller for the wind turbine or shield for the engine, he has kept pushing the envelope of what’s conceivable with 3D printing with some motivated undertakings as of late that is without a doubt.


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