Threeding and Artec 3D Team come together to 3D Printable Anatomical Models

The collaboration between Artctec 3D and Threeding has taken 3D printing to remarkable heights. They have worked together on numerous projects of education and preservation. Some of their projects include a digital library of rare species, free downloadable 3D models, the digital archiving of the collections from museums and ancient sites in Bulgaria , and a digital library of ancient Greek artifacts.

The two companies are working together to create 3D printed models of human anatomy. It can be downloaded from Threeding website and the cost ranges from $15-$35. The companies had started collecting the anatomies sometime back, but the most accurate ones are the recent ones. The collection of models has more than 100 pieces and they range from hip, elbow, knee, brain and other body parts. Moreover, there will be a total of more than 1500 scientific shapes, as told by Stan Partalev, co-founder of Threeding. He further stated that they collaborated with Arctec to offer authentic 3D-scanned models. This partnership has facilitated growth in leaps and bounds and given them the leverage to create reliable and high-quality 3D models.

The 3D models of the anatomies were created with Artec 3D’s Spider and Eva 3D scanners. The images were then processed with their brand new Studio 11 3D modeling software. Clients can order 3D printed models in a variety of material and color options, or these models can be inexpensively downloaded and printed at home.

With consistent success in all projects, the two companies with further work together on a new project. The partnership has benefitted education immensely and used 3D printing for the fields of education like history, biology, and other important subjects. Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D said that these 3D models will assist the students in understanding the anatomies of the human body. They will learn more about the structure and shape of bones and other body parts on an accurate level.

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