Divergent 3D and Altron join hands for implementing Divergent automotive platform

Divergent 3D is the company behind the world first 3D printed car. Kevin Czinger, the CEO, said that they had recently collaborated with PSA Group, a solutions provider. This move was made with an idea to assist the manufacturing of automotive through 3D printing. They are also going ahead with a partnership with R&D service provider Altron. The two companies will work together to facilitate the speedy implementation and licensing of Divergent 3D’s manufacturing platform across the US.

Apart from investments, Altron will offer its expertise to Divergent 3D which will help the company set up a Divergent Manufacturing Platform. This is software cum hardware platform that uses metal 3D printing technology in the automotive manufacturing. The technology is capable of reducing the vehicle chasis weight of a standard car by over 50 percent; in addition, it also reduces the number of parts per vehicle by over 75 percent. Divergent 3D’s platform is estimated to reduce the capital costs and factory costs of hard metal tooling and stamping equipment by almost ten times.

Altron, on the other hand, will benefit from the increased market share in the Unites states. The Altron Ignition plan was launched by the company last year in a move to become a major world leader in R&D and engineering by 2020. Robert Vatter the CEO of Altron, North America, said that the partnership with Divergent 3D will pave way for the manufacture of vehicles using 3D printing technology, which would be commenced in lesser time and lower costs. They are also looking forward to develop cars with complex and advanced features, which would be the need of the future. The alliance between the two companies will allow automakers in North America to develop a low volume of new vehicles at a faster pace.

Source: 3dprint.com

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