Nervous System and Shapeways team up to design Dutch Host Rachel Rosier’s 3D printed dress where she was an active participant

Nervous System is a design team based in Somerville, MA. They have recently launched their 4D printed apparels. They are known for their 3D printed Kinematic dress, the first of which was ensconced in MOMA and the last one found a place in the Sydney Museum. They have innovated adaptive materials and even collaborated with Shapeways for the construction of their designs.

NPO, the Dutch TV channel took viewers on a guided tour of how the Kinematic dress is made. From the scanning method to deciding the shape of the dress and choosing the fabric for the attire, everything was shown. Though the episodes are aired in Dutch, the viewers who do not understand the language can also figure out what is happening. Shapeways and Nervous System have teamed up to create a new Kinematic Petals Dress for the special episode.

The manufacturers highlighted the dress in ‘Netherlands in 2050’. Theses dresses are made for museum collections. The host Rachel Rosier seemed totally involved in the manufacturing of the dress. It was a lifetime experience of creating the dress for Rosier at the Shapeways unit at Eindhoven. Her measurements were fed into the Kinematics Cloth App after the scan. After she chose all the other specifications, the dress was 3D printer from an SLS printer at Shapeways. When Rosier had to pick her ready attire, she had to excavate it from the printer. The dress has come out superb after a combined effort of Shapeways and Nervous System, which has got better over the years.

This 3D printed dress could give us a peep into what would be the future of apparel manufacturing. People can walk into stores, get their body scanned and use the specification to get custom dresses ordered. Everybody would then get a chance to feel like a model with dresses designed as per their body fit.

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