Cline University open the first MakerLab in the Northern Arizona University

Libraries are continuously changing housing lesser books and more of programs and exhibits. The first 3D printer can also be seen at the library. What would be the use of a printer at a library? Let us find out the creative action and the impact of STEM education.

These libraries offer a wide variety of 3D printing contests and classes. 3D printing innovations have sprung from MakerBot Innovation Centers, from the University of Maryland to Central Michigan University. 3D printing innovations have emerged in learning institutions such as Italy’s Università Cattaneo. A new one has been set up within the MakerLab at Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library. It has been devised for the students, staff, and faculty for NAU, the Coconino Community College, and the regional community.

This library was launched on 29th august and allows facilities like 3D printing, scanning, equipment, and design for the faculty and students at MakerLab. This MakerBot Innovation center is the first of its kind as it is promoting this technology and promoting the growth of this service.

The MakerLab comprises of-

• 20 MakerBot 3D printers including two large-format MakerBot Z18 3D printers
• Arduino Raspberry Pi electronic prototyping tools
• 3D scanners
• LCD screens, sensors, and many more components

With advanced facilities and tools available, users will print electronic devices, robotics, and artwork.

The users will perform functions like-

• Learn 3D modeling applications and design 3D objects
• Print 3D objects from designed and downloaded files
• 3D scan objects, perform 3D modeling, and 3D print them
• Utilize electronics for making and testing both digital devices and interactive objects
• Create 3D printed art
• Create 3D printed electronics
• Cross-disciplinary projects collaboration
The faculty members who contributed to the successful completion of the MakerLabcenter are John Tester, Professor, Mechanical Engineering; and Jacob Dolence, Instructor, David Van Ness, Lecturer, New Media, Sculpture, and Foundations; First Year Seminar and Director, Center for Design Thinking and Innovation.


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