3D Printed Encode Rings Created By A Japanese Company

It is quite admiring how smoothly a software product in 3d printing gets converted into a hardware product. Well, this industry has a remarkable contribution in the niche of art and for the designers; it has come up like a real boon. Things that were awfully difficult in the past times have now become spontaneous and painless.

We will here discuss one of the brilliant creations of a Japanese startup company that has created an encode ring. It works on a very interesting process. The customer sends an audio file, stating their requirements and the sound waves are used to convert a 3d printed file of a beautiful ring that suits your requirements.

Earlier, the transformation of an audio file into a 3d printed file was done by hand. But now, the software is introduced that helps in the process. Thanks to the technology, the company has announced encode rings are actually feasible and can be created within no time.

It is quite amazing that in coming time, customers will be able to get the rings if their liking by sending a small audio of their needs. It will include the material that is to be used in the process and few other simple things. You might also be asked for the finishing of the products and the shipping options.

The prices of the rings will surely vary from the kind of material you choose. It is likely to be between $130 to $1300 USD.

The printer that will be used in the creation of these rings has not been exposed yet. However, there is a bright chance for Solufa’s web3d open source library to win the battle. Soon, it will be really convenient for the couples to get a perfect ring customized for your someone special.

Source: 3ders.org

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