CREATE O&P launches its latest 3D printing kit for prosthetics

Create Orthotics and Prosthetics is a 3D printing unit engaged in providing prosthetics and orthotics. It aims to provide this equipment to the medical fraternity at very affordable rates. The products range from inner sockets, fingers, diagnostic sockets, wrist braces, partial hands, leg covers and even entire arms. This would cut down the time it takes to give a patient a new prosthetic.

Create O&P CEO Jeff Erenstone said that this system will provide customized prosthetics to the clients. The 3D system is easy and simple to use and will cater to the specific requirements of the clients. They will fit well and look great on the patient. The 3D printing system is a complete kit which includes scanning devices to scan the body and the 3D printing system to print the prosthetic. Installing such a device will have numerous benefits to the hospitals and clinics.

The system includes the O&P 3D printer, a 3D scanner, 3D model slicing software and a huge stock of Create’s proprietary, medical grade filament. In addition, Create O&P has its own team of designers and specialists to create and modify designs as per the patient’s custom fit. After the patient’s scan is taken, the file is sent to the designers who develop the prosthetic. It can be created as per specific requirements and choice of colors.

This system reduces the time a specialist has to spend creating a prosthetic device. As opposed to the traditional methods of creating prosthetics which was a time taking and expensive process, the new 3D methods are easy and affordable. Even after the design was created in previous cases, proper fits were always an issue. Further, there was also a risk of bruising and infections. Experts estimate that this technology could reduce the production costs tentatively by 65%.


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