Danish design agency designs 3D printed HelmetHair to ensure safety while

HelmetHair is a 3D printed helmet designed by Simon Higby and Clara Prior-Knock of DDB Copenhagen agency. This 3D printed helmet looks like a bed of hair on the head.

Simon Higby developed this 3D printing project as a part of the MBA thesis. This project was executed by MOEF, a company that employs 3D printing for executing its projects. The idea behind launching HelmetHair was simple. It was done to ensure higher safety for riders, especially children. Denmark has a huge population of bike riders, and ensuring their safety was of great importance. As per statistics, 44% of biker children do not wear helmets as they find it ugly and cumbersome. The designers, therefore, decided to launch a design which was lighter and appealing to the young crowd.

The helmet design was inspired by a Lego hair piece. The designers had to make the helmet look real and they teamed up with MOEF to scan the logo using a 3D laser scanning system and then custom fit over an actual helmet base. After the Lego hair 3D model was ready, the helmet was 3D printed on a ZCORP Z650 powder printer. Once 3D printed, the helmet was taken for post-processing into the Malekabin. The designers took utmost care to match the Lego hairpiece color with that of the 3D helmet.

The 3D printed HelmetHair by the Danish design team is a brilliant idea to make the old-fashioned helmet into a chic style statement. They are hoping to get attention from giant companies to get investments for their product. Simon Friis, the intern who worked on the project is hoping that Playmobil or Lego will recognize the potential in the HelmetHair project and make it commercially saleable.

Source: 3ders.org

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