Wolfprint 3D scans images of people to develop their virtual reality avatars

Wolfprint 3D is a startup formed by a group of friends from Estonia. This company is now working on a mission to use 3D scanning as a link between virtual reality and actual reality. In 2015, they had come out with a concept where parents could 3D print and scan their unborn fetus in full color. Wolfprint grew from a startup to a full-grown organization and opened its offices in Los Angeles, Tallinn, Estonia, and California.

They had come up with a full body scan design studio, which did not catch up with the consumers. But now, Wolfprint is using their prior experiences and expertise to relaunch products for the consumer market. They have come up with 3D scanning techniques to come up with virtual reality services. They have devised a 3D photo booth vending machine that can perform full body scans and gives excellent results.

They create real avatars of people so that they can place personalized version of themselves in video games and VR applications. Wolfprint has engaged itself in virtual reality 3D scans in the past. Though the products did not meet the market demands, they gave the team a fair idea about the whole process. Wolfprint has now used the technology to create a full-color scanning booth. It produces quality 3D scans in full-color, that too at a negligible cost and labor. They want to develop this technology on a global scale.

The Wolfprint will permanently house the scans of people who step into the scanning booth. People use the virtual scans for a number of purposes from gaming, shopping apps to VR applications. Wolfprint 3D plans to charge a fee for people who would use their 3D scanned versions for virtual reality applications.

Wolf print 3D has launched 4 scanning booths till date and scanned the images of over 4000 people. It has also launched a $1.5 million campaign on Seed Invest, a crowdfunding platform.
Source: 3dprint.com

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