Create your designer garden with “print green” 3d printer !

3D printing of plants! Yes you read it correctly! The »Tiskaj zeleno« project (trans. Print green) out of the University of Maribor in Slovenia aims at creating designer green patches with the help of their green printer, by laying out grass seeding in any pattern you can imagine

They use a specialy adapted CNC machine which extrudes a paste made up of water, soil and seeds into any pre-programmed shape.  . Instead of canvas it uses Styrodur, covered with black felt, bolstered with sponge. The finished results are printed 3D models with capability of “turning green” with the growth of the plant-life printed onto the substrate.

Thus the Print green project unites art, technology and nature and creates a “live” design. In future, we may see the printGREEN machine tracing the design for the walls of a semi-organic home and offices, turning them more lively and vibrant.

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