Fresh fruit on demand – Now, you can print your fruits

Now, you need not go to the super market buy fruits or to the orchards to pick them. You can print them fresh, with the taste, texture, size and shape that you want. Sounds like a science fiction movie? This is made possible by researchers working at a Cambridge design company named Dovetailed.

Dovetailed, , which is working with Microsoft in Cambridge, recently unveiled their 3D fruit printer at today at Tech Food Hack – an experimental dining hackathon event in Cambridge, a gathering of foodies, hackers and designers aimed at development of new dining experiences.

The 3D printer uses a molecular-gastronomy process called “spherification,” which was originally discovered back in the 1950’s. It combines individual liquid droplets with different flavours into a fruit shape. All this can happen in a matter of seconds, creating the fruit of your choice – a pear or an apple or a completely new invention, without requiring any special knowledge of cuisine or molecular-gastronomy. And, the fruit produced is all organic.

This 3D fruit printer will definitely open up numerous possibilities for the professional chefs who want to enthrall their clientele with their new gastronomical creations. But it is intended more for creative culinary experimentation and may not help replace traditional food. These days, we are seeing a lot of interest towards anything which is organic. If Dovetailed can make this innovative technology cheap enough, it will definitely make it way to many kitchens across the world.

Dovetailed was founded in 2011 in Cambridge, as an unconventional user experience (UX) design studio and innovation lab dedicated to creating exceptional experiences in both physical and digital spaces.

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